Products should help humans
‍live to their values

We are a group of weekend tinkerers who build product and social experiments to help humans become more mindful and well

Based in San Francisco, CA πŸŒ‰


Our latest projects focus on making the internet a more mindful (info consumption, meditation, etc) and playful (dessert search engine, etc.)Β place.

The Third Space
Monthly newsletter featuring reviews on third places: homes outside of home.
Rabbit Holes with Patricia
For the price of a β˜•οΈ,
I'll curate the best of the Internet for you
2020 Annual Review
A template to help you review the year
Wellness Checklist to get Through Anything
For your peace of mind
Strava for meditation
FlowBox (beta)
Read newsletters at the speed of flow
Builders:Β Β @sanketchauhanΒ 
‍@bhwagsΒ  @_patriciamou
Wellness Wisdom Stack
Wellness resources to help you thrive
Wellness Wisdom Newsletter
A newsletter for the thoughtful
Subtle Asian Food
Dessert search engine and interviews with chefs
Newsletter Stack
Curated newsletters to help you learn about anything
Philosophy Essay Club
Virtual meet-ups where we discuss 3 long-form essays
Amor Fati
Curation of art, architecture, & photography

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