Great Books Syllabus
Reading classics from every civilization
Templates, Threads, & Musings
A collection of threads, templates, musings i’ve shared on twitter from 2020-2022
Interior Design Musings & Projects
I love designing spaces to illicit contemplation, meditation, curiosity, wonder, and connection.
The SF Commons
A community and 3rd space rekindling deep dialogue, playful curiosity, & community in SF. Status: active
Wabi Sabi Cafe
A match-making service for shared life hardships. Status: sunsetted
Same Vibes
Fun hackathon project where we connected you to others via shared content diet. Status: sunsetted
The Third Space
Monthly newsletter featuring reviews on third places: homes outside of home. Status: once in a while
Rabbit Holes with Patricia
For the price of a ☕️,
I'll curate the best of the Internet for you.
Status: active
2020 Annual Review
A template to help you review the year
Wellness Checklist to get Through Anything
For your peace of mind
Strava for meditation. . Won #4 ProductHunt product of the day. Status: active
FlowBox (beta)
Read newsletters at the speed of flow.
Status: beta testing
Wellness Wisdom Stack
Wellness resources to help you thrive.
Status: once in a while
Wellness Wisdom Newsletter
Newsletter on philosophy, personal development, and whatever I can't stop thinking about.
Status: active
Subtle Asian Food
Dessert search engine and interviews with chefs. Fun project with my friend Kevin Lee.
Status: sunsetted
Newsletter Stack
Curated newsletters to help you learn about anything. Won #4 Product Hunt product of the day. Status: sunsetted
Philosophy Essay Club
Virtual meet-ups where we discuss 3 long-form philosophy essays over 8 weeks. Status: sunsetted
Amor Fati
Curation of art, architecture, & photography
Status: folded into Rabbit Holes

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