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Every week Patty reads & curates the best content in self-improvement, philosophy, art, architecture, & world building, so you can save time and be inspired.


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the problem: too much noise

the solution: quality curation

the curator

I'm Patty πŸ‘‹ By day, i'm a Sr. PM at Calm.

By night, I write and curate at 2 newsletters Β - Wellness Wisdom and Amor Fati - that reach over 8K~ curious minds. Through this process i've developed an eye and intuition for what kinds of content resonate most with people.

I created Rabbit Holes to level up your content diet, help you feel inspired each week, and get your back time that you'll never be able to get back.

Rabbit Holes is also a portal into my
second brain 🧠 and digital garden 🌱. It's a way I can be vulnerable with the world as I learn and connect with other like-minded folks.

I hope you'll join me!

the curation process:

🧠 did I legit get mind f'd from this article?
🌱 does this content make me a better person?
πŸ’« do I want to send it to close friends asap?
β˜•οΈ is it intelligently-written and thoughtful?
⏳ will I refer to it over & over again later?

a typical volume

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