Dear curious human,

If you’re reading this,

I see you 👀

I see your insatiable curiosity 🧠

Your desire for growth 🌱

Your fearlessness of the unknown unknowns 🧭

The internet is a beautiful place,
if you know where to look.

And we are the humans who not only seek its depths, but also yearn to go deep into its wondrous pits.

Extracting its minerals to expand our mind and nourish our souls.


The best personal development rabbit hole on the Internet

For the price of a ☕️,
I'll curate the best Internet rabbit holes for you

On avg, I spend 12 hrs/week finding the best in:

personal development
✨philosophy & spirituality
🧠 wellness & mental health
🏛 art & architecture
🚀 start-ups & product management

So you don't have to.

Niche internet communities
of philosophers. Digital gardens. Conversation pits. Personal development resources. Cozy book/rain GIFs. Feelings I don't have words for. 300+ job resources for COVID layoffs. Allyship guides. Sun Dance Film Festival tips. The best digital syllabi. Instagram therapist directory. Dope newsletters. The most timeless essays. Wellness product recs. Philosophy syllabi. Checklist for big emotions.

What do you get?

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From the best of the Internet ✨

Join us down the Rabbit Hole

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Why am I doing this? 🤔

I'm Patricia 👋 - a serial curator and internet rabbit hole explorer.

I write and curate at 2 newsletters  - Wellness Wisdom and Amor Fati - that reach over 8K~ curious minds.

#1. I want to keep both these newsletters free, so this is another way readers can support me.

#2. Only about 5% of what I read weekly goes into my newsletters. The rest goes into my personal archive.

I'm now sharing that with you to level-up your content diet and save you time - the most precious asset.

Thank you for supporting me as a curator and this fun experiment 🙏