I'm Patricia Mou 👋 I'm on a continuous journey of unraveling and harnessing my truest expression.

Currently i'm excited by the question of how spaces can enable humans to connect deeply with themselves & others, philosophize upon life's larger questions, and actualize their truest selves into the world.
I'm the co-founder of The Commons - a community and 3rd space for inner-outer curiosity, co-created play & collective flourishing in SF. I'm also the founder of Haumbody - an interior design studio where I create vibescapes for slow routines around self-connection, creativity, and meditation.
I enjoy sharing curations that have nourished my soul at Rabbit Holes, and write to think at Wellness Wisdom. I also dabble in photography.
If you'd like to get in touch, drop me a note at patriciamou.is@gmail.com, instagram, linkedin, or via twitter dms


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black and gold
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amor fati
being still