I'm Patricia

Builder of mindful products by day.
Writer and curator by night.

current ☕️

My life's goal is to help humans reach higher levels of consciousness, thereby maximizing their peace of mind. I'm enthralled by how philosophy, systems thinking, psychology, design, & technology can aid us in that aim. Right now i'm focused on building products that help humans live more centered lives. I believe mental health is one of the highest leverage things we can do to improve our quality of life.

As a Sr. Product Manager at Calm, I hope to help more people develop mindful habits.

In my free time, I enjoy creating and curating:

🚀 Building side projects at the Welldom Studio.
✍️ Writing at Wellness Wisdom -  a medley of my thoughts on wellness start-ups, personal  development, & philosophy.
📱 Doing product teardowns and strategy deep dives on top Chinese apps atThe China Spec.
🌱 Sharing ideas that have stretched my mind at Rabbit Holes.

previously ⏳

Worked as a Product Manager at Stitch Fix, Product & Growth at DoorDash, Growth at Premise Data (a16z-backed), and Strategy Consulting at Accenture.

I was part of On Deck Fellowship's 3rd cohort and also helped run operations for the Violet Society PM Fellowship. I also worked on Fish Sauce - a podcast featuring stories of Asian-American founders, operators, and investors.

stay updated 🔮

I write most frequently and share project updates at the Wellness Wisdom Newsletter 👇