Interested in building digital and physical spaces to help people cultivate space between stimulus / response. I'm currently the co-founder of The Commons - a community and 3rd space for inner-outer curiosity, co-created play & collective flourishing in SF.

In my free time I enjoy creating, writing, and curating. Rabbit Holes is where I share curations that nourish the soul and spark curiosity. Wellness Wisdom  is a newsletter where I write about meaning-making, philosophy, design, and whatever I can't stop thinking about. I also love building fun apps like MindStreaks (social meditation) and other side projects. You can also find my templates, threads, and musings here.

Previously, I worked as a sr. product manager at Calm, Stitch Fix, & DoorDash, after a brief stint in management consulting.

Current interests

· building a school for the intellect & soul at The Commons
· getting through my "Great Books Syllabus"
· cartography of meaning-making post modernity
· designing spaces for pause, creativity, and connection 
· how various philosophies & religions overlap and deviate
· turning inwards via practice (meditation), movement, & knowledge (reading primary literature)
· more generally, wth is going on

If you'd like to get in touch, drop me a note at patriciamou.is@gmail.com or via twitter dms

Recent Posts

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