Dear community,

The collective trauma we’re experiencing due to COVID-19, subsequent quarantines, and police brutality is real and now, more than ever, we’re in need of ways to obtain mental health support without leaving our homes.

This is especially true for those of us in the margins—people of color (POC). As the psychology workforce remains predominately white, it can be especially tough to find the type of connection needed to support healing.

Instead of the usual format, I wanted to dedicate todays space to the sharing of mental health resources for POC. (Though I’m also including resources for asian-american and latinx communities, its undeniable how pertinent these resources may be for african-americans in the current climate. For other minorities, I unfortunately was unable to find as much of a critical mass of resources.)

For allies who know someone who may find these resources useful, please forward along 📩

For African-Americans


  • Balanced Black Girl’s Community Healing Guide - curated resources to aid in collective self care, healing, and support of Black-owned businesses.
  • The Safe Place- features a number of tools, from breathing techniques and meditations to Black mental health statistics. The app also offers self-care tips on coping with police brutality and advice on how to speak to family members about mental illness.
  • Black Mental Wellness - provide resources about mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective.
  • Yellow Couch Collective - offers additional support for Black women to connect to other members, attend Q&A sessions with podcast guests, and more.
  • Ethel's Club is hosting three free, one hour virtual group healing & grieving sessions *open to* Black people across the world on June 19th & 23rd . All events will facilitated by Black licensed therapists alongside other Black artists and healers to help hold space and process the weight of many complex emotions.
  • BLCK VC - was formed to connect, engage, empower, and advance Black venture investors. They recently hosted a virtual event to showcase the struggles that Black founders, investors, and employees face throughout the tech community.
  • Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation - recently launched the COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Support, developed to cover the cost for virtual or tele-therapy services for up to five (5) sessions.
  • Dive in Well- started out as a dinner series of POC wellness leaders across New York City and Los Angeles. They've since turned those dinners into a movement, and now offer both online and offline experiences, resources, and tools.

African-American focused therapist directories


  • Black Girl in Om - Creating space for black women to practice mindfulness.
  • Healhaus - wellness concept and cafe offering virtual yoga, meditation, workshops and private sessions.
  • Black Female Therapists - go-to directory for black female therapists on IG.
  • OMNoire is a social wellness community for black women and women of color dedicated to living well.
  • Black Girls Heal - This feed focuses on Black mental health and holds  “Saturday Night Lives” on Instagram to discuss self-love.
  • Sad Girls Club - This account is all about creating a mental health community for black Gen Z and millennial women.


  • Between Sessions (dope therapists + dope conversations) - is a mental health podcast where therapists, Eliza & Eboni, are currently focusing on episodes related to the pandemic.
  • Balanced Black Girl is a podcast that highlights wellness from a black woman's perspective.

For Latinx

  • Therapy for Latinx - Inspired by Therapy for Black Girls featuring 400~ Latinx providers strong.
  • Yo Soy Ella - is an organization dedicated to spiritually empower Latina and women of color to unlock their true potential. Non-Chicagoans can check out their Instagram page to find self-help guidance tips and inspiration.
  • Latinx Therapy podcast, hosted by Adriana Alejandre, discusses all things related to mental health for Latinx to break the stigma.
  • Men of Color Smile to specifically address the silence Latino men experience.

For Asian-Americans

Resources for ally-ship 📖

I’ve scoured the twitter interwebs so you don’t have to 🔎

Anti-racism resources + guides:

Learn more about black history and activism with this massive google drive.

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