Hi amazing human,

Today I wanted to interrupt regular programming to share something special:

  1. It’s been 3 months since I started this newsletter and I’ve relished every moment of it! Thanks for letting me be part of your inbox ❤️
  2. To celebrate, I wanted to build something for the community. Read on👇

In my quest to discover quality wellness and personal development content on the world wide web, I’ve often come up short. These days Medium/YouTube/etc. feels like a wasteland of clickbaity quips that promise “5 life-changing tips to achieve nirvana”.

I crave writing that holds depth and embodies a vulnerability that’s not overextended.

Rather, it’s a quiet sort.

The best writing feels like you’re momentarily peeking into someones ever-spinning web of mental discourse - the sinew of their sentences pulling you into the inner-workings of their mind and spitting you back out more conscious and susceptible to growth than before.

Where do we find these resources? And how can we come back to these resources easily after we’ve consumed them?

Since I couldn’t find an online directory readily available, I decided to make my own. After numerous nights and weekends, I’ve aggregated over 300+ resources that have shaped my perspective and accelerated my wellbeing in some meaningful way. I present to you:

The Wellness Wisdom Stack 📚✨

So far I have 300 resources across videos, tools, podcasts, online programs, articles, newsletters, books, and resources to find mental health support etc., but I want to get this to 500+ before I share it more broadly. I think this community of 500+ thoughtful and amazing subscribers can help me do it 🙏

I would love to know.. what’s a resource that has had an impact on your wellness and personal development?

Reply to this e-mail with 1 or 100 resources that have helped you along your wellbeing journey. If you’d like to share, I’d also love to hear about how it made an impact on you. I’ll list them in the directory so more people will have access to quality life-altering content ☺️

I’ll also respond right away with a password + website link for you to access the site before it goes officially live in a few weeks.

Of course, I want to walk the walk. Below I share some of my favorite wellbeing resources (all listed in the Wellness Wisdom Stack) and how they have personally impacted me. In no way have I fully mastered these learnings. Rather, they serve as philosophies that I’ve repeatedly come back to over the years to re-ground myself in. Let’s dive in 🌊

Videos 🎬

Advice to Younger Self 🧒

Books 📖

Articles 🗞


I hope you enjoyed these resources and want to contribute to the Wellness Wisdom Stack. I can’t wait to hear about the content that has stirred your soul and wellbeing ✨Just reply to this e-mail when you’re ready.

Be well,