Happy Saturday!

This weeks newsletter will be pretty straightforward as i’m pretty burnt out from the past week (did Wellness Stack Interviews for 3 amazing people and can’t wait to share with you all ☺️).

Below i’ve curated a round-up of wellness links I found interesting this week:

Work 🧠

  • P.S. please feel free to add resources here and share with your friends who are looking for work!

Share Wellness Wisdom Stack


  • Hubs by Mozilla - Share a virtual room with friends. Watch videos, play with 3D objects, or just hang out.
  • An AMAZING guide on how to host playful virtual events on Zoom - This document is intended to not only give you some tips on hosting beautiful interactive and playful online events, but also to help you set yourself up for success with the right preferences so zoombombing doesn’t happen to you!

Learn 📚

Newsletter Spotlight

  • Atira Does Cool Shit and You Should Too Newsletter- s/o to my fellow Violet Society Fellowship gal Atira for creating a dope newsletter which features round-ups of eclectic events that are on her radar in SF. I’ve discovered cool groups like Our Virtual Wellness Studio (Every week, they list all the different classes folks are hosting wellness events via Zoom) and Virtual museum tours from thousands (!) of institutions from around the world.
  • Stay Home Take Care by Girls Night In - Activities, recommendations, and ideas to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others. I love this exert from their recent newsletter.
  • 1. “Am I doing enough for my people?”
    It’s human to want to help your people during all of this, but it’s also human to have limits to the amount of support you can provide in a given amount of time.

    What’s helped: This piece about creating a “care budget” is a good way to check in with yourself about what everybody’s needs are (and aren’t) as you navigate your days.

    2. “Am I doing enough for my community and the world around me?”
    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about all the small businesses, restaurants, individual people, community groups, and responders I want to help through this time. I’ve also been trying to figure out (and it does feel like a day-by-day assessment) how I can do this in a way that’s true to my values and also my reality/budget/etc.

    What’s helped: This Instagram post from @lisaoliveratherapy is a great reminder to put some separation between your sense of worth and how much you’re able to give right now, financially or otherwise.

    3. "Am I doing enough to work on myself while I have some free time?"
    It’s been a little weird to log on each day in this time where everyone is seemingly extremely online™, posting about their fitness routines, bread-baking hobby, and newest patchwork project. There are moments where I wonder if I’m doing myself a disservice by not having a daily agenda of activities. But I’ve realized two things can be true at once — some people get through these times with structure and others simply need time to feel and process and think.

    What’s helped:Reading this piece about why you absolutely do not need to be “in a groove” or “productive” right now.

wishing you peace and health,


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