Welcome to Wellness Wisdom Stack by me, Patricia Mou. I work as a product manager focused on growth in tech companies, but am passionate about helping others grow internally. Why is this a passion of mine?

Over the past decade, like many of my peers, I’ve dealt with periods of anxiety within high pressure environments in start-ups and school. After a long stretch of 90-hr work weeks back in 2016, I found myself unhappy, burnt out and dealing with pervasive generalized anxiety. In that moment, I knew I needed to slow down. I enrolled in therapy, took a 6-month MSBR mindfulness course at the SF Zen Center and became deeply acquainted with the core tenet of mindfulness: to see and accept reality as it is, and not as how I want to see it. I realized that the hedonic treadmill of career advancement I’d stepped onto post-graduation had silently taken precedence over my mental health. Through a daily meditation practice and holistic re-evaluation of my wellness (from the food I ate to the friends I choose to hangout with), I learned to better rely and be vulnerable with others and redefined my values and lifestyle choices from a place of awareness and holistic health.

In early 2020, I created a living/evolving document, called The Wellness Widsom Stack, that crowdsources the best recommendations on personal development/mental health from my friends. Throughout my wellness journey, I’ve gone down many dead-ends and spent thousands of dollars on resources that didn’t work. My hope with this doc was to help salvage that anxious process for someone who was looking to invest in their personal and mental development.

This newsletter is the next step in my mission to help others help themselves. With all the wellness resources out there, how do you determine signal vs. noise? I believe that humans we respect and admire are a great filter to hone in on best practices. Every other week I will interview leaders in technology on their Wellness Stacks across Body (fitness, food, self-care) and Mind (emotional and intellectual) - the building blocks for a fulfilling life. I hope you will join me :)