Hi amazing human,

Thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter and putting yourself in the way of wellness inspiration. Interviews are already lined up and and I’m so excited to share the wellness stacks of awesome humans with you all.

At first I wasn’t planning on sending anything until I had my first interview ready, but I feel especially compelled today to share a round-up of wellness links I've amassed this week. These are challenging times and like many of you, I’ve been especially on edge lately. More than once, I've had to snap out of mindless corona twitter feed scrolling, return to the breath, to the now, and pivot towards small actions within my sphere of control. I’m right there with you if you’re feeling the same type of way. (Here’s a meditation I’ve been playing on Insight Timer called Releasing Coronavirus Anxiety that’s been helping.)

In the upcoming week, I hope you can find groundedness in your self-care routines and remember to make both mental and social distancing a priority.

📚What i’m reading:

  • How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell - many people like to dive into productivity/creativity rituals in their newfound downtime. Instead, i’ve had to practice deliberately slowing down and giving myself space to do nothing. I once heard that silence is not the absence of activity, but rather the influx of the present - of everything happening right now. More focus on today, and less focus on the “what if’s” of the future are a great antidote to these high-anxiety times.
  • An amazing woman I recently connected with, Dulma Altan, wrote a beautiful piece on her anxiety tool kit for tough times.  

For the bookworms 📚

  • Cambridge University Press has just made all 700 textbooks currently available in HTML format on Cambridge Core free to access until the end of May to assist readers during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Scribd is giving free access to e-books and audiobooks for the next 30 days. Thanks Winnie for sharing!
  • Steve Schlafman’s guide to finding a coach - guide to help entrepreneur's navigate the opaque world of coaching. I’m currently looking for a coach and this was a great overview that helped demystify the process.

🎬What I’m watching:

  • Of course, I still can’t do nothing all day. So i’m trying to focus on finding inspiration in Kelly Wearstler’s (Interior Design) and Alice Waters (Founder of Chez Panisse) Masterclasses’. I bought a subscription earlier this year and love it - it’s like a Netflix for personal development.
  • P.S. - Netflix Party chrome extension allows friends to remotely watch in sync.
  • Rowena Tsai’s feel good personal development YouTube channel and her recent video on inspiration in uncertain times.
  • I stumbled upon 해그린달 haegreendal’s YouTube channel - it’s like ASMR x Marie Kondo x Minimalism x Essentialism x Muji Aesthetics aka EXTREMELY RELAXING. I love how she shares the happiness and beauty imbued in ordinary life routines. LiziQi is another similar channel but Chinese countryside version.

📣 Events on my radar

  • The Grand - a community that actively supports each other in navigating professional and personal life decisions, just released new virtual sessions that range from supporting others in grief and how to live a complete life as a single person.
  • Coa, a home for therapy, mental fitness classes, and community, just released new virtual lessons as well. They range from support groups for founders raising capital to parents raising kids throughout COVID.

🏛Free classes/resources

Wishing you peace and good health,

Patricia Mou